Philippe Calvel Resume - Technical Skills & Experience

Today                             - Space Radiation Environment & Effects course, Master DESS University Montpellier

                                       - Radiation Engineering support for RES NANOSAT (CubeSat 1U, Robusta v3.5),

                                          Centre Spatial Universitaire de Montpellier

                                       - Space Radiation Senior Expert Consultant

July 2019                   RADCONSULT.EU

                                       - Hardness Assurance manager of the ELITEBUS/SPACEINSPIRE)  bus family

                                       - Hardness Assurance manager of the O3B constellations

2014                               - Hardness Assurance manager of the NEOSAT Electrical Orbit Rising (EOR) bus family :

                                          KONNECT, SES, SYRACUSE-4 (DGA) 


2013                               - THALES ALENIA SPACE Senior Expert

                                       - Hardness Assurance manager of the IRIDIUM NEXT constellation (massive use of COTS devices)

2006                               - TAS-JV Company Radiation skill leader

                                       - Hardness Assurance manager of the NEOSAT bus family2004                              

2000                               - Hardness Assurance manager of the GLOBALSTAR-2  constellation

                                       - Harmonisation of radiation tools and process between ALCATEL SPACE, AEROSPATIALE, ALENIA SPAZIO,

                                          ALCATEL ETCA & ALCATEL ESPACIO (TAS-JV)

                                       - Hardness Assurance manager of the SpaceBus 4000 family

                                       - Head TAS Radiation Effects Group 

1998                            THALES ALENIA SPACE (TAS)

1996                              - Pubication of PROFIT (Proton-Fit) model to predict pront induced SEU based on heavy ions data

1994                              - Hardness Assurance engineer SPOT-5 / Helios-2 payloads 

1991                              - Hardness Assurance engineer of the GLOBALSTAR-1 constellation

1988                              - Hardness Assurance engineer for INTELSAT-7, INTELSAT-9 & TELECOM-2

1986                              - Hardness Assurance engineer for TOPEX/POSEIDON

1985                            ALCATEL ESPACE

1984                              - Hardness Assurance engineer for ULYSSE, GIOTTO, TVSAT-2, TELE-X, INTELSAT-VI

1982                              - Parts Quality Engineer ...

1982                           THOMSON-CSF ESPACE

                                     - Radiation engineer SPOT-1 & TELECOM-1

1981                            MATRA ESPACE

1981                             Engineer from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse

                                     Departement Génie Physique, Option : Physique des Semiconducteurs      


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